About PARK21

Haarlemmermeer, strategically located in the Randstad, is distinguished by a notable spatial and economic drive. All villages and boroughs in the polder have significantly increased in size, foremost the central districts Hoofddorp and Nieuw Vennep.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport forms the logistics hub and is home to a concentration of companies. The Amsterdam region offers an attractive living environment, with world-famous museums, gorgeous historic buildings, a wealth of cultural events and a range of new residential developments in a rich cultural and historical landscape.

PARK21 will create a new focal point where the urban area meets the rural landscape. Covering no less than 1,000 hectares (3,000 acres), PARK21 will be the green recreational center of the polder and an appealing destination within the region. It is a metropolitan park, intended to be used intensively and multi-faceted, for entertainment and pleasure, tranquility and relaxation. The new park will offer something currently unavailable. Next to the tranquillity of the Green Heart, the coarseness of the dunes and the grandness of Waterland: the discovery of the polder.

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The foundation for PARK21 is the agricultural polder landscape with its typical ribbon development (in Dutch polderlinten) and farmyards. The park development will set in motion a transformation of the agriculture in favour of recreational use. Broadened agriculture will be a main theme. On the shores of a recreational lake, in the western section, the park centre with several features and facilities will be located. This complex of pavilions with a boulevard and a beach will be well connected to the park road and on the R-NET bus route. The park landscape sways through the area, connecting the different park elements and containing the most important connections. The park’s open spaces offer the possibility to accommodate commercial and sports facilities. The eastern section, in the vicinity of the railway and directly accessible from the A4 motorway, will contain an event area.