Centrally located and easy to reach

The metropolitan region numbers 5,6 million residents, who have a growing need for space to experience nature and recreation. In Haarlemmermeer alone, the number of inhabitants has rapidly increased in the last years to 143.0000. This number will increase with more than 20% by 2030. Furthermore, the region welcomes a large number of tourists every year, who want to experience the Dutch way of life.

Within this densely populated metropolitan area, a high-quality landscape and a wide range of recreational possibilities offers the essential conditions for lasting economic and sustainable growth. Therefore, the development of a large-scale recreational area is the appropriate response.

PARK21 is located at the heart of a highly innovative area. Adjacent to Schiphol along the A4 highway,  the most innovative and sustainable hub of Europe, Schiphol Trade Park, will be established with a direct connection to Schiphol Airport. A large-scale greenhouse farming area called PrimAviera will be developed as a strategic element of the greenport ‘Flower Mainport Aalsmeer’.

A new residential area will be developed south of Hoofddorp onthe northern border of the park where PARK21 borders the brand new state-of-the-art multifunctional sports facility King Willem-Alexander.

PARK21 is centrally located in the polder and in de Randstad, and very easy to reach for people from the neighboring areas as well as for regional visitors. Via state highways such as the A4 (which connects Amsterdam, Schiphol, Leiden, The Hague and Rotterdam) and the A9 (Amsterdam, Hoofddorp and Haarlem), the park is easily reached by car. PARK21 is connected with intercity trains to Amsterdam, Schiphol, Leiden, The Hague and Rotterdam via the Hoofddorp train station. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is only a stone’s throw away.