Country life

Kinjes op tractor

An important guiding principle of PARK21 is to reconnect city and countryside by developing multifunctional agriculture. Agricultural production is no longer something abstract, but close to home with food still being produced in the park, where visitors can observe the process and participate in it. PARK21 will serve a dual function as an outdoor recreational area and the region’s fruit and vegetable garden. Small-scale operations growing local produce and raising livestock are inspiring enterprising initiatives in the form of lodging accommodations, gastronomical adventures and sports and leisure activities, all in combination with health care, nature appreciation and recreation. PARK21 brings the polder landscape to life.

As part of the Cultural Showcase in the Leisure Zone, the Rural Life experience centers around the polder. The cluster will focus on farm-related attractions, including agricultural innovation and the taste and smell of produce. The public is offered immersive experiences and hands-on attractions with an agricultural emphasis, geared toward local and regional visitors, young people and family and school groups. With its location on the west side of the railway, this attraction has a strong connection to the surrounding farmland, allowing visitors to experience agriculturally related activities with working farms as a backdrop.