Farmers in PARK21

The PARK21 site, between Hoofddorp and Nieuw-Vennep, is still primarily farmland. The coming of PARK21 entails some major changes for the people currently living and working in the area. The aim is to keep the existing polder landscape visible and recognisable. About one-third of the park is intended for continuing and innovating the agricultural function, working with owners and leaseholders.

The Master Plan for PARK21 provides space for, in addition to traditional farming, allowing an agricultural transformation: there will be room for multifunctional agriculture and urban farming, as it is experienced and used by neighbours and visitors. Secondary functions such as educational, care/therapeutic and recreational activities are all possible in PARK21. A study has been carried out of the likely developments for current and new farmers in the park area. The results (in Dutch) can be viewed by clicking here.The results (in Dutch) can be viewed by clicking here

Farmers’ initiative group: Agro Nova

The plans for PARK21 offer farmers in the area opportunities to participate. A group of farmers has taken the initiative to form an agricultural nature association, called Agro Nova (currently an association in formation). In the association’s words: ‘The objective of our association is to focus on opportunities in this quickly changing environment, opportunities which fit in with our businesses and do not clash with the objectives of PARK21’. The by-laws state the objective as ‘creating agricultural development in PARK21. Striving to link with the principles of PARK21 using sustainable and multi-functional farming while preserving cultural and historical value’.

Agro Nova’s focus is on the following main points:

  • Construction and management of green space
  • Recreation on land and water
  • Landscaping and landscape management
  • Cooperation with non-agricultural businesses wanting to establish themselves in the park.
  • Care (therapeutic activities)
  • Sustainable energy
  • Et cetera


Are you a farmer in or outside the park area and do you see opportunities to contribute to the development of PARK21? Do you have a farming-related initiative that fits in with the concept of the park? Would you like to know more about the Agro Nova group? Please contact:

Municipal project organisation

Ms. Eva Reichardt, project assistent: +31 (0) 23 567 6176

Agro Nova

Mr. Ton van Schie,(, or mobile: +31 (0) 6 2686 8136)