The direction of the area development is in the hands of the municipality’s project management and commissioned by the municipal authorities. The municipality developed the first part of PARK21, but PARK21 represents a regional if not national interest as well. Therefore, the Province of Noord-Holland is also directly involved while the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) also acts as an important public partner in the realization of PARK21.

In the further development of PARK21 the municipality is responsible for rules and regulations that are helpful for entrepreneurs. Furthermore they manage quality and consistency, as long as there is no park organization. The municipality contributes financially to the basic structure of the park so visitors can navigate easily through the park. Attached to that is a meeting space, the park heart, and a water basin in the lowest part of the park.

The municipality’s role is definitely not passive: they will challenge private parties to invest in PARK21.

Quality Assurance
The project is working with an Expert Committee to assure quality. The committee was appointed to make recommendations as part of the process of selecting the landscape agency to develop the PARK21 Master Plan and thereafter gave advice in drawing up the Master Plan. It includes professionals with a wealth of experience in various fields such as landscape architecture, urban planning, project management, sustainability and leisure. The Expert Committee advises the municipality on basic policy ideas, important steps in the development process, and in preparing decisions.

Municipal project organization

Mrs. Aafke Kaspers, senior project manager: 0031 (0)23 567 6808
Mrs. Lianne Brinkman, project secretary: 0031 (0)23 567 6468
Mrs. Eva Reichardt, project assistent: 0031 (0)23 567 6176

You can also send an email to: