Polder promenade

The Polder Promenade is the heart of the Leisure Zone. The Polder Promenade will be an exciting hub offering dining, shopping and entertainment in a variety of settings evocative of different aspects of Dutch culture. This is the space for being together and meeting peopleĀ from which visitors can venture off and explore the rest of the destination. The Polder Promenade is home to a diverse mix of dining establishments, each with a storyline focus, offering opportunities to include show elements in the dining areas.

The retail program could be interspersed with the restaurants and attractions to enhance the village character of the place.

Some retail outlets could also adopt an attractions-based approach to merchandising that would feature their products in an immersive capacity. The idea is to create a shopping experience that will attract visitors from both within the region and abroad, with a focus on Dutch design and the Holland theme. With its vibrant street life, the Polder Promenade forms a key element in the atmosphere and vitality of the area. Flowers form an important part of the design, as a link to the overall park identity.