Spatial concept

The ideas behind the spatial concept for PARK21 are explained in the Master Plan, adopted by the City Council of the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer published on June 16, 2011. This plan is shaped like a visionary document and comes with imagery of the end result to be realised. The park concept serves as the point of departure. This concept offers the fundamental ideas for development and centers around three themes: polder, park and leisure, which are expressed in three different layers.

The park layer is the cement of the concept: it allows for a spatial structure and a publicly accessible green environment and serves as the main link in the entire park.

The polder layer ensures that the existing farming landscape will remain visible. It also provides room for a broader interpretation and transformation of agricultural concepts. The leisure layer can be used for recreation and an event area. 

Here you will find a browse module of the Masterplan PARK21 in Dutch.