Singing songs for SunBinFish
Composing music for SunBinFish in GarageBand (by Lennaert Roos)

‘Klavertje vier’ makes music for PARK21

"We have a fish and that’s a SunBinFish garbage bin”
From two classrooms in the primary school ‘Klavertje vier’ you can hear swinging music. Through the windows you see girls dancing under the guidance of a teacher who plays keyboard. "Great fun!," is the spontaneous comment of one of the students. "We sing about a magical fish and about waste. You hear those songs if you throw something in the bin."

A number of grade 6 and 7 students of this Hoofddorp school participate in three workshops by artist Lennaert Roos. They sing two songs and compose their own works which are programmed in a special garbage bin: the 'SunBinFish’ which will be placed in the playground Kleiland at PARK21 at the beginning of next year. Anyone who throws away something in the fish-shaped bin will hear a bright tune or a fairy tale. "We have a fish and that’s a SunBinFish garbage bin," concludes a girl.

New ‘Hoofddorp’ music style
"In total there are about 36 pieces of music," Roos explains. "With our assistance every child composes his own music on the iPad with the program GarageBand. Three to four fragments per child. Children are so open-minded. What they do might not be consistent with our historical musical sense as an adult, but that's not important. I personally feel inspired by the fusion they make. Dance tracks, guitar, Chinese, classical, anything can be mixed. Timing doesn’t always matter. Perhaps we will develop a new Hoofddorp music style”, Roos says with a smile.

Steel with a soul
The SunBinFish is a tough durable work of steel and wood that works on solar energy. A fish that sticks its head out of the ground. "The fish comes with a crayon box with chalk to color the scales," says Roos. He can imagine how children have some quiet creative time after running around the playground. "Now it’s time to give a soul to the steel," Roos says. "Making music together ensures that many more people are involved. I also think that rewarding good waste behavior is important. Cleaning up litter should be rewarded, punishing does not work. That is the rationale of the SunBinFish. Of course, I hope that this sustainable message clings and that sustainable conscience will grow."

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